What is a Flu Shot Consent Form?

A written authorization that gives a medical practitioner or nurse permission to provide a flu shot or vaccine is called a flu consent form. It has to be signed by the patient or by parents or guardians in a child’s case.

This form is actually to avoid any mishap to the patient, which means that it consists of questions that can help eliminate the people at the risk of complications or those who should not be vaccinated due to some other problems.

This flu shot form should be completed with a conversation between the patient or the medical practitioner to avoid inconvenience. Once the form is complete, and all the answers are honestly written.

The patient is told about the risks he can have with this shot. This form also protects the nurse from liability.

What Information Can You Get From a Flu Shot Consent Form?

A flu shot consent form can give you information about the side effects a person can have due to the vaccine. Also, it can teach you about how long a one-shot goes or when to get a vaccine. Hence, you will get to know about each and everything.

Usually, there are no hazardous side effects of the flu shot, but they can include nausea, headache, muscle aches, fever e.t.c. But make sure if you feel some long-lasting side effects or more severe issues like hives, hoarseness, dizziness e.t.c talk about it to your practitioner.

How to Write a Flu Shot Consent Form?

Flu vaccine consent form templates are available on various websites in the printable form either you can get them from the internet, or you can also visit the hospital and ask for the form.

  • The first part comprises the personal details of the person getting the vaccine. Such that the legal name, D.O.B, state, city, address e.t.c
  • Then there are a few questions that you have to answer by marking YES or NO. Those questions are actually to ask if you are allergic to some specific things and related stuff.
  • Now there comes a portion that asks about if you have some sort of health insurance. And then the second last section is about the Guarantor’s Information.
  • Finally, at the end of flu shot paperwork, there is a portion where you have to do a signature and write down the date if you are filling on someone’s behalf, so your relation to that person.


Flu shots or vaccines are highly recommended as they protect you from seasonal influenza attacks. If you have any allergies other than those mentioned on the consent form, make sure to tell the practitioner about it as it will prove to be helpful to the practitioner to determine whether to give you the shot or not. We are hopeful that this information will prove to be beneficial for you.

Flu Shot Consent Form FAQ

What happens if the vaccine is given improperly?

The soft tissues, muscles, and nerves get damaged if the vaccine is not given correctly. This damage can cause many injuries, all of which come under SIRVA.

Can a kid get vaccination without his parent’s consent?

The kid can only get a vaccine shot without his parent’s consent if the localities allow it, or else he cannot, as it is compulsory in some states to the parent’s permission.

Is there any side effect if you accidentally inject air into muscle?

There is not any side effect but injecting air means that you are not getting the whole vaccine shot because the air takes up space in the syringe.

What is the size of the needle for a flu shot?

The needle’s size for a flu shot is about 1 to 1.5 inches as the shot has to be injected deep into the muscle tissue.

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