What is a Sexual Consent Form?

The sex consent form is used for the sake of a written agreement when both parties decide to participate in sexual acts together. Here sexual consent contract makes it clear that both people are aware and willing want to involve in sexual relations, and there is no pressure on anyone as everything is done after mutual agreement.

By filling this form, you are giving your consent as a couple and will fill in the form with the date, time, and activity when it would occur and list the consenting party's explicit permissions. If something different happened to what was planned before signing the agreement, the consenter should mark that and consider it an accident.

Two options can be applied at this stage, either nothing will be affected by the change that occurred in the original agreement or that the accident will be considered assault. It is better to ask your witness to sign the sex consent contract as it will be good if anything wrong happens, though it is not necessary.

Important Details of a Sexual Consent Form

A sexual consent contract is made for the sake of respecting each other's boundaries and comfort zone. In sexual consent forms, both couple members must sign the document as it has legal significance and can be signed after mutual discussion and discussed after specific terms and conditions.

A sex contract involves all kinds of sexual activities that are or will happen between the couple. This legal form safeguards both members' rights, so if anything goes against the recorded form, they know their next step.

You can ask a witness to be there while you are about to sign the sex application form; if something terrible happens, they would be able to prove the agreement's authenticity. Although asking for a witness isn't essential, it is recommended to ask them to be there while signing the document.

How to Write a Sexual Consent Form?

While you think about writing down a contract for sex, it is essential to write down all the vital things that should be a part of it. Remember that both people should talk about the terms and conditions in advance before signing the agreement.

In this agreement, one person is called the Consenter, and the other is called the Proposer. Add all the details like the time of the activity, date. The duration of the sexual activity will also be involved here. Everything that will happen should be mentioned in the sexual consent contract.

The kind of contraception the couple uses should be stated and how many times they are using it. Don't forget to state the details of the sexual activities proposed from the end of Consenter or Proposer.

Write it down clearly that any kind of sexual penetration not made available in the list of activities shall be deemed an assault. In the end, just sign the contract in front of the witness and make copies so both members will keep their copies.


We hope that all those who need to have some idea about the nature of the sexual consent forms will have enough idea of what it is all about. Now you can keep the terms and conditions in your mind if you ever think about doing it.

Sexual Consent Form FAQ

Is a consent form legally binding?

Yes, they are considered legally binding.

What are the four types of consent?

The four types of consent include implied, express, informed, and unanimous consent.

How long does a consent decree last?

The Consent Decree will last a minimum of five years, during which the Department must show enough compliance with the Decree's provisions.

Can a decree be canceled?

A decree which has been gotten by fraud can be canceled by the same court which has passed the decree and the application filed.

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