It is not necessary for parent (s) to go along with their children on domestic or international travel. If they have no objection regarding their travel or are allowing them to travel with their family members, relatives, or organization, they must fill a Child Travel Consent Form which serves as a no objection letter and acknowledges the fact that the child is traveling with the consent of his or her parent (s).

What Is a Child Travel Consent Form?

For minor children who are below the age of 18, it is important to have a child travel consent form through which they seek permission from their parent(s) for domestic or international travel with someone else, group, or organization. This Child Travel Consent Form is a document signed by parents giving their consent for minor children to travel alone or with an organization, etc.

When Is a Child Travel Consent Form Needed?

Minor travel consent form is needed if a child below 18 years is looking to go for domestic or international travel. In addition, this is also important when the child is traveling alone.

Although children are allowed to travel alone, they might be questioned by the TSA if they are traveling alone in the plane. TSA may ask them if their parents are aware of them making an air trip by themselves. Therefore, a child needs to have some identification and a travel consent form.

If a child is going on international travel, a child travel consent letter becomes more important.

If a minor is traveling alone or with someone other than his parents or even with a single parent, he or she may be asked to present a minor travel consent form. This consent form serves as a legal notice for the immigration authorities in the visiting country that the child is traveling outside the country with the legal permission of his parents.

What Does a Child Travel Consent Form Need to Cover?

There are many important aspects to be covered under the Child Travel Consent Form; one is the declaration from the parent (s) or guardian (s) of the traveling minor. Each Parent or Guardian responsible for the minor(s) must have their name on this line.

The next important category is the name of the traveling minor. If more than one child requires the minor travel consent form, parents can either list them all or record each child's name as an attachment or issue a separate child travel consent letter.

The next piece of information to be covered in the form is the birth date of the minor with a place of birth mentioned on his or her birth certificate.

Next, if the minor has a passport, it must have an option for "Passport Number" recording details such as "Country Of Issuance," "Date Of Issuance," and "Date Of Expiration."

The Child Travel Consent From must clearly state if the child is traveling alone and, if not, the name of the accompanying person.

The last but the most important thing to be included in the form is "V. Signature(s)," by each Parent or Guardian listed in the first section.


Does the Minor travel consent form need to be notarized?

Although it is not necessary to get Minor Travel Consent Form to be Notarized, we would recommend you to get it done by attaching the notary acknowledgement form, which serves as an acknowledgment made by a notary public that claims a specific person signed a form.

How do I write a letter of permission for my child to travel?

There are websites online that help you download the child travel consent form pdf or word processing file. You can either open this file with a program that allows you to enter information into the system to print a finished document for the execution. In case your system does not support such software, then access this template as a PDF file using the browser you opened this page with and print it directly from the screen.

What documents does a child need to travel without parents?

There are chances when the child's family name does not match the parents'; in this case, the child's birth certificate should be made available. Minors under the age of 18 may require additional documentation if leaving the country of residence, such as a consent form signed by both parents, a photocopy of the parent's passport, and the death certificate if the parent is deceased.

At what age can a child travel without a parent's consent?

Once the child is no longer a minor under the age of eighteen (18) years old, he or she can travel without the parent's consent.

When Should You Use Minor Travel Consent Form?

A Minor Travel Consent Form has to be used for domestic or international travel when a child is traveling alone or traveling with a single parent, or relative or friend, and organization or group.

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