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What are Tattoo Consent Forms?

The tattoo consent and body piercing forms are the permission letters from the parents or guardians, giving a tattoo maker or the piercer the freedom to make a tattoo or a body piercing. It also provides the freedom of financial liability if, unfortunately, some accident or mishap takes place during the procedure.

Moreover, youngsters mainly use this form to seek permission to get a tattoo or a piercing according to their respective state’s law. The guardian or parent must sign the consent form to ensure that they have allowed their kid to get a tattoo or a piercing.

Eventually, in some states, the parents or guardians are even required to be present when their child gets a tattoo or a body piercing.

Different Types of Tattoo Consent Form

This consent form is liable to the kids, but there are other forms as well, which are for the elders and adults.

Adult Tattoo Consent:

This tattoo consent is for adults. It has to be signed by the person willing to have a tattoo. It protects both the tattoo artist and the person having it from inconvenience.

Some states don't require a tattoo consent form for adults but some do require it. So. check your state's law before getting a tattoo.

Minor (Child) Tattoo Consent:

This form is for the parents, guardians of the children who want a tattoo on their body. The parents or guardians have to sign the consent form. And also have to be present when a child gets a tattoo as per the law of some states.

The same is in the case of body piercing. Both adults and minors have to get the forms signed before they get a tattoo.

Who Will Need These Tattoo Consent Forms?

Anyone willing to get a tattoo should have a consent form. As if the rule is violated, it will be against the law and cause trouble if some mishap occurs during the tattooing process.

This consent form is actually for the person’s safety and the artist so that the artist may not fall prey if some mishap occurs.

How to Write a Tattoo Consent Form?

Writing a consent form is not a difficult task at all. Nowadays, even online forms are available, or you can go for free printable tattoo consent forms. Filling online manually all is your choice.

Many of the tattoo consent form templates are available on the internet. You can choose one of them and fill it and submit it to your tattoo artist.

  1. You will have to mention some basic information about yourself, like name, D.O.B, address, City, State, and identification mark.
    1. Sign the form once it is completed. The guardians or parents have to sign it in the case of children. Submit it, and you are all set to get a tattoo or a body piercing.

The ear-piercing does not require the consent form. A person can get it without the piercing consent form, just by visiting the piercing shop as there is no law about the restriction of having a consent form before getting an ear-piercing.


You can look for the particular laws of your state regarding the tattoo consent form. Over here, we have discussed the general rules which almost every state has regarding this consent form. Whenever you plan to get a tattoo makes sure to have a consent form with you as it will be safe for you and the artist.

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