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What is a Video Consent and Release Form?

A video consent form is a form written by a person to another person to gain permission to use their name, images, videos for publication, or uploading on social media.

The primary purpose is to make sure that nobody uses other people's things without their consent. If still someday tries to do it or eventually does it. He might be accused of the copyrights.

The video release form gives the third party the right to use the appearance in the pictures and videos and the person’s voice for the third party’s advantage.

Once the signatures are done such that the consent is given by the person so that his video, image’s and voice can be published to any platform the third party wants, the actual purpose of this video consent and release form is to:

  • To shield you from lawsuits for claims such as destruction or privacy or defamation e.t.c
  • To give you the rights to own that video so that you can sell your rights in the future or can show up that video as a part of your work in your portfolio.

When Do You Need it?

Suppose you have created a video for business, and right when you are done with that video, and you receive a call that some person featured in that video doesn’t want to be in that video and wants his scenes to be removed.

Or you might have been shooting at someplace, putting all your efforts to make a video paying payments to the people involved, and the owner comes over to the location and says he doesn’t want his property to be on screen and says to stop shooting.

At any point, a person wants to publish an individual’s video, image, or voice to some platform. Or you are at a private event, soot some videos or capture some pictures. You need to get consent from the host before displaying them on any platform.

In case you are at a place that appears to be public but is privately owned in real life, for example, Ballpark, Disney World, and other significant private locations. Before releasing pictures of these places, you need to get video and release consent from the owners or lest you cannot do it.

If you have shot something and a person in the background, but he is not recognizable, or their features are blurred or too far away to be identified, there is no need for the consent form.

How to Write a Video Consent and Release Form?

Writing a video consent and release form is not a big deal. You can even do it yourself without any issue. You can go for the templates available online or make one your own.

Following is the guideline to write and fill a consent form.

  • Download the template online to gain permission to use someone’s image or voice on a video. If you are willing to work on the screen, ensure that you download an editable file type.
  • Name the receiver subject and production house whose video or image you want to use, and keep in mind that the individuals’ things you are using will display his name on the first blank of the form.
  • The recipient must sign this form to carry out the release. Also, the subject’s signature and contact information should be obtained.
  • In the end, the subject recipient named above must sign and write the date. If the subject recipient is underage, then this signature part is to be done by his parents or guardian.

What is Included in a Video Release Form?

A video release form includes all the information about the video, the production house, the individual whose video is of. If we say that the form includes every little information related to the video, it won’t be wrong.

The form possesses the signatures of both the parties and the subject’s name on the first page, whereas the information about the production company on the second.

Once the individual has signed the form, his videos can be used on any platform. And that individual won’t get any money other than what has been decided on the form. Nor that individual can claim any money else than the decided one.


Putting an individual’s pictures or videos on any platform without his consent is a sort of crime itself. So, to avoid such a situation, it is compulsory to gain consent via video consent and release form. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.


Can I sue someone to record me without my consent?

Recording someone without their consent is totally a wrong act, and you can sue someone for doing it and also can file a case on him. As a result, they might have to pay a hefty fine or be in jail until their punishment is over.

Do we need a release form for YouTube?

If you upload that video so obviously, you need to get a consent form before that person claims copyright issues. Your video may also be blocked by youtube if you don’t have copyrights.

Can I refuse to sign a settlement agreement?

Of course, it is your choice whether you want it or not. If you reuse so, you can also claim your rights in court.

Is neighbor recording legal?

If you have security cameras at your property facing your neighbors and recording them. It is okay, but still, if your cameras record some private things that are wrong and illegal.

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